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The organization was created in October 2005 by the Charitable foundation Shelter for CHILDHOOD. It was founded to provide practical help to children in crisis: unattended children, kids who had been exposed to violence, homeless and children in other circumstances which they were unable to overcome without help.

NCO Neznaika is a rehabilitation facility,

which incorporates:

  • Shelter- pension for 30 children aged 3-15;

  • Social hotel accommodating 20 persons of age 16-20 and teenage mothers with their children;

  • Family-hotel for children and mothers with children;

- Other type of establishments (for example, for handicapped kids)

to be created in the future.

NCO Neznaikais not an orphanage. In such orphanages children live in institutionalized conditions until they reach the age of maturity. Usually children from orphanages suffer the negative impact of such life.

Neznaika will help the following categories of children and youths whose needs cannot be met in state orphanages:

  • Children who are unable to fit into 6-months time frame for rehabilitation;

  • Children who have no perspective views for normal life (they have no proper legal documents, no citizenship, no parents etc.) ;

  • Youth of age16-18;

  • Teenage mothers and their children.

The Term of Stay at Neznaika.

A special individual rehabilitation program is determined for each charge at Neznaika, but such program should not exceed the term of 12 months. This time frame was selected to avoid the syndrome of child getting used to institutionalized life, which interferes with child’s further ability to adapt in a normal family. Personnel of Neznaika (social workers, psychologists, doctors, lawyers etc.) will help children and teenagers to recover from critical condition (psychological, physical, social, etc.) in the environment that is close to family life. These specialists will further assist in finding a family or start an independent life (acquire professional skills, continue education or work).

Neznaika is located in a picturesque setting near Moscow, just 18 km. from the city limits. It occupies the territory of 1 hectare and constitutes of several buildings, that are 1500 square meters in total. The land and buildings on it are owned by the Charitable foundation Shelter for CHILDHOOD and should be used for charitable purposes only.

Neznaika has a river, which bears the same name, next to it.

The establishment was

named after this river and the person out of the book for children, who is smart and funny, lazy and full of energy, cunning and a kind boy. They both bear the Neznaika name, plus the plus the new Neznaika will be childrens place.

Neznaika specialists' care will be assisted by the nature: fresh air, forests and fields, river and numerous animals: dogs, cats and horses.

All the actions taken by the Neznaika authorities regarding accept, accommodate and stay of the charges will be properly approved by the social services bodies.

Administration of Neznaika and

its staff have invaluable experience of many years in dealing with children in crisis in one of the oldest shelters in Moscow Way to home. The very idea of Neznaika was born in this shelter.

NCONeznaika is currently unable to accommodate children because the main building needs major repair, and there is no financing for this rehabilitation complex to function. Only after the building is renovated in compliance with the state bodies' standards (sanitary, fire emergencies agencies etc.), this establishment will be able to start working in its full capacity. Hopefully then the steady financing will start flowing to support its activity, after the sponsors and benefactors see the positive results of our work.

Help Provided by the Russian Citizens.

The land, buildings and part of the equipment had been donated to Neznaika by the Russian benefactors who thus made their contribution to the children charity in Russia..

Neznaika has been actively supported by volunteers, including graduates of the Moscow State University, non-government organizations, children from the shelter, homeless children from the Kursky railway station.

Our Contributors from the Foreign Countries

Charity The Russian Children Welfare Society (New-York) has been the first to answer our call for help and has financed our first steps in supporting Neznaika activities. The society donated us a minivan.

Starting winter 2005, Neznaika was actively supported by the Belgian charity called Friends of Children. They financed and provided the labor force of the Belgian-Dutch student summer construction division Bouworde and financed the renovation of one of the buildings. Small Belgium is actively helping big Russia…

We are extremely thankful to our foreign friends for their help and we are sure that such help is vital to us in the beginning, but only Russian organizations and sponsors can provide real help.

NCO Neznaikais not a state institution. Such a status gives an opportunity to be less dependent on the red-tape and bureaucracy intervention, at the same time the lack of state financing makes us to look for sponsorship all the time. We currently are in sharp need of means for our rehabilitation programs. We expect that in the future our working program will start receiving donations from the state as well.

We Invite People Who are not Ambivalent to Co-Operate.

You can help us in a variety of ways (translate the texts, participate in our clean-up projects, etc.), and/or provide financial aid to Neznaika.

Our activities are transparent and open. The outcome of our work is positive change in the child's well-being in a short term, their perspective life as normal citizens, and strict bookkeeping – all of the above can be presented in return to your help. We need your support, as you and the society need us and our work. Our joint effort can put an end to troubled childhood in our society..


Administration of NCO Neznaika:

Chairman, NCO Neznaika

Sapar Kulianov

President, C F Shelter for CHILDHOOD

Tel. + 7(916) 323 31 80

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